What is FriendSpeak?

FriendSpeak is a ministry focused on helping international people in Bloomington improve their English through friendships and the Word of God. We do this by equipping English-speaking Christians to serve as “conversation partners” with international individuals. Christian volunteers (“workers”) meet weekly with international individuals (“readers”) one-on-one for free English conversation practice. Our vision is a continually expanding team of dedicated conversation  partners who are growing together in faith and joy as we sow the Word of God in the hearts of our international friends.

Partners meet around the community at various times according to their availability.

The FriendSpeak ministry is based on this main principle: sharing Jesus and sharing ourselves. Workers do not need to be fluent in a foreign language because you already have the language that Readers want - English! You do not need to be a Bible scholar because we focus on letting the Word be the teacher and the you being the illustration.  We have a variety of Readers from all over the world, including: China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Libya, Mauritius, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS - If you'd like to know more about joining FriendSpeak for one-on-one conversation practice, please contact us using the form below!

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