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Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13


Life Stories is a series of gatherings (among the Men of the Church) where a featured person(s) participate(s) in casual and informal interview/conversations — facilitated by Doug Mayo and Alan Pope. It’s a great opportunity for the men of the church to get to know each other better and lay the foundation for deeper relationships as we share the experiences of our individual Life Stories with one another.

The interview questions and associated conversations will be designed to help us share our individual Life Stories around the following areas of our life experiences:
    -Our general backgrounds (where we grew up, family, work, etc.)
    -Our favorite things in life (the joys of life, those precious things/experiences that make
our hearts smile with happiness and fullness —hobbies, passions, relationships, etc.)
     -The biggest challenges of our life experiences (the difficult things we’ve had to face in life, how we faced those challenges, how our Faith impacted those experiences and what we learned during those hard chapters of our lives.
     -If we could do it over again, what would we do differently?

We are all on a journey — writing our own life stories.
• Our life experiences are often a cycle of of UPs (marriage, children, new jobs, vacations, passion, hobbies,
adventures, etc) and DOWNs (illness, death, crime, addicition, financial hardship, divorce, etc).
• How we CHOOSE to face these UPs and DOWNs of life (either on our own strength or walking with God),
shapes and transforms us as we grow.

We are NOT alone. God gave us HELP (His Scripture, His Holy Spirit & His Church Family)
• Church is not just a social club or a lecture hall. It is a family —a body of believers in Christ.
• Our Church Family is a place to:
-Celebrate the joys of life
-Give and receive Support and Encouragement
-Share and receive wise counsel
-Learn about Jesus and become better equipped to experience AUTHENTIC Spiritual Growth

How can we MEN help eachother GROW stronger in our faith?
• Get to know eachother better — Life Stories will help build our relationships, providing opportunities to:
-Share our REAL WORLD experiences
-Learn from each other
-Become BROTHERS in the faith (encourage eachother as we seek to truly LIVE our faith, making it REAL on a daily basis, taking it beyond the conceptual into life-changing real world application).
• Group Activities (that will follow our Life Stories project):
-Share in our JOYS of LIFE (Show-and-tell presentations/field experiences, etc.)  
-Service Projects
-Support/outreach, etc.

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